About us

Our Mission

Spring Care Foundation, SCF is a Not-for-profit, with a strong goal of improving the quality of life in communities. We work to sustainably promote social well-being with the hope of reaching a world of equal opportunities where everyone can belong and thrive "Keeping The Action That Keeps The Smiles"

The rate of suffering and poverty due to low household incomes affects the health of communities and, children who are the future generation are the most affected. Many children die of hunger and other neglected health conditions, and most at school age can’t afford for quality education. They, later on, become victims of all forms of violence, neglect, exploitation and abuse. With the break of the social crisis in 2017, suffering increased, families separated, thousands were internally displaced and vulnerability to harm increased. To scale-up our efforts, we tried to involve most of our peers in the humanitarian work. Today, our humanitarian and development work impact 25 communities in Cameroon and we keep spreading our tentacles as wide as desirable until every community is reached.
All our programs and projects promote child protection and safe-gaurding.

Our Core Values


innovation and Integrity

Diversity and inclusion

Gender Mainstreaming

Our Focus


Our Healthcare Programs focus on prevention and health promotion through various interventions

Our Community development interventions include focus on sustainable livelihoods, infrastructure development, vocational training and skill development

Emergency relief

Our emergency relief response focuses on supporting victims with food and non-food items, healthcare, and WASH

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