Petrol  stations in Cameroon’s capital  are still rationing diesel at a limited price, to allow each motorist to have the minimum. The fuel shortage declared more than a week ago continues.

Passengers of a travel agency reveal that they returned to the boarding site 30 minutes after the departure of the bus, because of an unsuccessful stop at a service station in Yaoundé. “There was no diesel. We went back to the agency to fill up the bus with reserves that had been made in 20-litre cans,” explains a passenger.

According to Minee, the disruptions currently observed on the market of finished petroleum products  are mainly due to the large envelope of subsidy of pump prices that must be mobilized in real time to ensure the importation of petroleum products.

28,000 m3 of super, 22,000 m3 of diesel and 12,500 m3 of Jet A1 are being unloaded and gradually released for consumption. In addition, additional volumes of 88,000 m3 of diesel and 35,000 m3 of super are available in Cameroonian waters and will be unloaded in the coming days,” said the Minister of Water and Energy , Gaston Eloundou Essomba, on 11 July, in response to this shortage.”At the level of Limbe, we currently have a ship waiting to be unloaded, as soon as the financial conditions are met,” reveals the general manager of the Cameroonian Oil Depot Company (SCDP)” Veronique Moampea Mbio, in an interview conducted on 13 July, but published this 18 July 2022 by the daily newspaper, Cameroon Tribune.

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