Childbirth preparedness and safe delivery

Child protection starts even before children are conceived. This is why Spring Care Foundation seeks to ensure that every woman benefit quality family planning services, and once a child is conceived, continue to benefit antenatal clinic services and finally deliver in clean and safe conditions; this without compromising the welfare of the rest of the family due to income constraints. SCF supports women of Child Bearing Age (CBA) in communities to access the minimum package of family planning, ANC, post-delivery and early childhood development.

What you can do

Delivery kits contribute a greater proportion to the total cost of delivery. This is often not affordable to a good number of pregnant women with low household incomes; and could be one of the leading causes of women delivering at home or with traditional birth attendants under unclean and unsafe conditions.

Due to low household incomes, long distances to health facilities and high costs of ANC minimum package, a good number of pregnant women do not benefit from antenatal care, and often do not deliver in the health facility. 

Save mother and child

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